Updated Schedule

SIX MEMOS Final Critique is Wednesday, December 1st

Next Monday, December 6th, please come prepared with a more complete version of your project to show. You will also be expected to show your progress and updated version to the class. This accounts for the process portion of your Project 3 grade.

Wednesday, December 1st
Critique Six Memos

Monday, December 6th
Project 3 Studio

Wednesday, December8
Process Critique | Project 3 Revisions for Six Memos

Wednesday, December 15th | Project 3

Final Critique


Week 16

Monday, November 29th

  • Design Brief DUE | Project 3
  • Six Memos | Process Critique (80% or more complete)

Wednesday, December 1

  • Six Memos | Final Critique

Week 14

Wednesday, November 17th

  1. Six Memos
  2. Review Project 3
  3. Present Interviews for Project 3

Week 13

Monday, November 8th

  • FINAL CRITIQUE | project 2 (Includes Supplemental piece)
  • NO six Memos

Wednesday, November 10th

  • Introduce Project 3

Week 12

Wednesday, November 12th

  • Process Critique begins at 10:15am (80% or more of project must be complete)
  • Project 2 Final Critique Monday, November 8th

Week 11

Wednesday, October 27

  1. Flash lecture
  2. Studio Day | Show next interation of Project 2


Week 9

Monday, October 18th

  1. Six Memos Writing
  2. Watch remainder of videos
  3. Submission of Project Brief Due for those who showed videos on October 13th

Wednesday, October 20

  1. Project Brief Due for those who showed videos on October 18th
  2. Version 1 due for Project 2